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John Hirschbeck

Umpire John Hirschbeck Favored Cubs in Game Three

Ian York uses PITCHf/x and his unique charts to determine if John Hirschbeck called an even game behind the plate in Game Three of the World Series.

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Red Sox Minor League Gameday July 23, 2017

Red Sox Minor League Gameday
Brandon Magee's Red Sox Minor League Gameday brings us the daily goings on of the farm system from the triple-A PawSox to the DSL.

Catcher Framing or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love...

Catcher framing is the art of converting marginal pitches that the umpire would normally call a ball, into a strike.

Are Rookies Having a Harder Time?

Are rookies having a harder time adjusting to the big leagues? Damian Dydyn and Ian York let us know.

The Surprisingly Uncommon Missed Call by the Umpire

Ian York looks at the surprisingly uncommon missed call by the umpire and the importance of consistency in the strike zone, highlighting Phil Cuzzi.

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