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John Hirschbeck

Umpire John Hirschbeck Favored Cubs in Game Three

Ian York uses PITCHf/x and his unique charts to determine if John Hirschbeck called an even game behind the plate in Game Three of the World Series.

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The Effect of Additional Called Strikes with the Expanding Strike Zone

Ian York looks at all major league players to see the effect that additional called strikes with the expanding strike zone has on their game.

Chase Utley And The Illegal Slide

Damian Dydyn looks at Chase Utley and the illegal slide, and determines that a double play should have been called.

Do Left-Handed Hitters Really Crush the Low and Inside Pitch?

Rick Rowand figures out whether or not left-handed hitters really crush the low and inside pitch using graphics by Ian York.

Has the Strike Zone Expanded?

Has the strike zone expanded in Major League Baseball? Ian York uses his unique charts and PITCHf/x to answer the question.

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