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Rosin Bag

A rosin bag is a small, mesh bag filled with rosin (a sticky substance extracted from trees) that pitchers are allowed to use during time outs. It improves their grip on the ball by keeping their hands dry from sweat and/or humidity. Pitchers are only allowed to apply the rosin to their bare hands, and never when standing on the rubber. If a pitcher applies rosin to the ball, his uniform, or any other part of his body aside from his bare hands, then he will be automatically ejected from the game and suspended for 10 games.

Who’s Responsible for the Bag?

The league provides the rosin bag for each game. All four umpires have one, and it is the duty of the home plate umpire to make sure that one is placed behind the pitcher’s mound before the start of the game. In the event of rain or a wet field, the umpire may instruct the pitchers to keep the rosin bag in their hip pocket to keep it off the wet field.

What if the Rosin Bag Is Hit By a Batted Ball?

The rosin bag is considered part of the field so the play would continue, which is why pitchers normally keep it behind the mound as Colorado Rockies starter Jon Gray has below:

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