The Inaugural SoSHCast


In the inaugural episode of the Sons of Sam Horn podcast, hosts Damian Dydyn and Justin Gorman discuss the Boston Red Sox’ first few days of spring training before delving into the idea of the Los Angeles Angels trading Mike Trout.

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  1. Re. SoSHCast, I absolutely loved the first show and am looking forward to many more!

    One minor challenge – the assertion that Mike Trout is the greatest player that any of us have seen in our lifetimes seems mildly hyperbolic, and probably a little subjective. Many of us old folks saw Mays and Mantle in their primes, and even A-Rod and Bonds at their peaks had 5+ year periods of productivity rivaling what Trout has put up. It’s undeniable that the start to Trout’s career has been meteoric beyond comparison, and if he can sustain this level of performance he seems destined to top the list of all-time greats. But I for one am not yet ready to call him “GOAT”.

  2. Thank you for the comment and for listening! Rather than respond here, we will use this as a topic in a future episode. It’s great fodder for discussion and we are looking forward to digging in.

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