SoSHCast Episode 14: Who In The Eff Is Yeison Coca?


In this episode, Damian and Justin discuss the Sox and Yanks series, the comeback win against the Tigers, NESN’s clickbait article about Yeison Coca, Austin Hedges and Rougned Odor, Todd Frazier‘s likely bounce back, the upcoming MLB draft and who the Sox could be looking at with their first round pick, and finish up with a check in on Nick Longhi and Sam Travis.

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00:15 – Intro
01:30 – Red Sox and Yankees: Yanks took two, Sox bats went dormant in games 2 and 3.
10:40 – Late comeback against the Tigers: Sox are proving to be a resilient team.
14;05 – Clickbait alert. Who in the eff is Yeison Coca?
19:55 – Austin Hedges and Rougned Odor have really weird stat lines.
22:00 – Todd Frazier is way better than he looks this year.
27:45 – The Yankees are really good. Like, for real.
33:00 – Red Sox draft preview.
47:45 – Jake Burger/Jake’s Wayback Burgers
49:05 – Prospect check-in: Sam Travis and Nick Longhi

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Damian grew up smack dab in the middle of Connecticut and was indoctrinated into the culture of Red Sox fandom from the moment he was old enough to start swinging a bat. A number of trips to Fenway park and meeting Ellis Burks at his dad’s bar cemented what would become a life long obsession that would pay off in spades in both the recent run of post season success and the extra bit of connection he would have with his father throughout the years.

After a brief three year stint living in the Bronx with his wife where he enjoyed leisurely strolls through the neighborhood with a Red Sox t-shirt on to provoke the natives, he settled in Roanoke, Virginia where he can fall out of bed and land at a Salem Red Sox game.

Damian is a co-host for SoSHCast (the Sons of Sam Horn podcast) along with Justin Gorman.