SoSHCast Episode 23: Justin, Come Back!


In this episode, Damian and Justin go over a lackluster week from the Red Sox that included Rick Porcello getting lit up by the Orioles and Eduardo Nunez getting banged up on a slide into second, examine whether Doug Fister is actually any good, break down the Yankees and Tigers brawl as well as the league’s laughable punishments, look at the ridiculous season Mike Trout is having considering he missed 2 months, take a moment to appreciate the phenomenal home run pace Giancarlo Stanton is on and finish up by checking in with Bryan Mata and Michael Chavis.

This is Justin’s last episode on the show, and we at SoSH wish him the very best going forward!

00:17 – Intro
00:42 – Farewell to Justin!
02:06 – Red Sox recap: Rick Porcello and Eduardo Nunez
09:35 – Doug Fister… is he actually any good?
13:32 – Carson Smith
15:20 – Yankees Tigers brawl and the fallout
25;28 – Joey Votto: Is he a Hall of Famer? Will he be?
33:45 – Mike Trout is ridiculous.
36:30 – Giancarlo Stanton his straight ball very far. And every other ball.
38:38 – Prospect check-in

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Damian grew up smack dab in the middle of Connecticut and was indoctrinated into the culture of Red Sox fandom from the moment he was old enough to start swinging a bat. A number of trips to Fenway park and meeting Ellis Burks at his dad's bar cemented what would become a life long obsession that would pay off in spades in both the recent run of post season success and the extra bit of connection he would have with his father throughout the years. After a brief three year stint living in the Bronx with his wife where he enjoyed leisurely strolls through the neighborhood with a Red Sox t-shirt on to provoke the natives, he settled in Roanoke, Virginia where he can fall out of bed and land at a Salem Red Sox game. Damian is a co-host for Sports & Sorts Shorts with Shane Moore, a baseball podcast covering Red Sox and Yankees topics.

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