Best of SoSH From 2015

The editors have put their heads together and offered the best of SoSH from 2015. Enjoy the collection, thank you for all the support, and look for more great content in 2016.

Visualizing Jake Arrieta’s Cy Young Season

Ian York looked at the Jake Arrieta’s repertoire and used his unique visuals to show how the righty dominated the NL in 2015.

Trey Ball and Irrational Fan Expectations

Drafted seventh overall in the 2013 First Year Player draft, Trey Ball has been given a short leash by fans, despite the fact he was always a project as a high school pitcher. Brandon Magee puts the young lefty’s development in perspective.

Revisiting the 2010 Draft

The 2010 draft has not yielded the talent for the Red Sox that many had hoped, but Brandon Magee shows that the returns so far are not so bad.

An Appreciation of David Ortiz’s Home Runs

It is undeniable that David Ortiz is a fan favorite, and the SoSH editors along with Ian York put together a collection of his home runs for your enjoyment.

Brock Holt Loses His Number

Wade Boggs will have his #26 retired in 2016, but Rick Rowand, with his tongue planted firmly in cheek, thinks that it’s an outrage to make Brock Holt change his number.

SaberSeminar Recap Part Two

SoSH Baseball sent Jimmy Wulf to the SaberSeminar and he focused on the presentations by the Red Sox and Kansas City Royals in this part of his recap.

Tay Tay and the Sports Media

Taylor Swift is all the rage with the kids these days, and Dan Ennis noticed that many sports publications are trying to capitalize on the pop star’s celebrity by including her in their articles.

Pitches and Stuff

Mike Richmond explains why pitches have their movements and how arm slots can affect pitches in this collection.

Was Vic Carapazza As Bad As He Looked In Game 2?

Texas Rangers fans were none to happy with umpire Vic Carapazza and Ian York used his Pitchf/x visualizations to show that they had a reason to be upset.

Q&A with the Boston Globe Columnist Chad Finn

Chad Finn was kind enough to do a Q&A with and gave some interesting answers, including one about David Price.

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