The Aura of BROCKHOLT!

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is just around the corner and the Boston Red Sox have just one representative going to Cincinnati. With Ned Yost pointing to the aura of BROCKHOLT! as a reason for naming him to the team, Rick Rowand tries to figure out what Yost was talking about.

What Color is BROCKHOLT!’s Aura?

As most of us know by now, All-Star Game manager Ned Yost chose Boston Red Sox super utility player BROCK HOLT! to be part of the American League All-Star team:

What impressed me about Brock Holt is his versatility,” Yost said Monday night on ESPN’s All-Star selection show. “I think that super utility guys should be celebrated. He’s played seven positions for the Boston Red Sox this year. He’s put up really good offensive numbers (while) moving around the field.”

“When you’re putting together a team, versatility is important,” Yost said. “You can put Brock Holt at any position and feel comfortable in the middle of the game. I just felt like he was very deserving of making the All-Star team.”

Now, I’ve never been accused of being a fan of Ned Yost, but I do have to say that I agree with him. His logic is impeccable and there is certainly a good case to be made for him being on the team from a pure baseball point of view, even though I feel that there are other Red Sox players just as, if not more, deserving of the honor – Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts and Clay Buchholz. But who knew that Yost also had a deeper, and perhaps spiritual, reason for adding him to the team?

Andy McCullough, Royals beat writer for the Kansas City Star tweeted this out on Tuesday:


Yost is pretty well known for making some questionable decisions during games, but I don’t know if anyone thought that he made decisions based on a player’s aura.

Naturally, this intrigued me, so I decided to do a little research to see if we could determine the color of BROCKHOLT!’s aura and to see if a player’s aura could be the 6th tool that a scout needs to grade.

According to the people I’ve spoken with, and the internet research I’ve done, all objects and living things have an aura about them and auras have been depicted in religious art for centuries: Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu etc.

Many people say that they can see a person’s aura. I’m not one of them, but I have no reason to doubt them. To my knowledge, this is the first time that Yost has claimed to be able to see a ballplayer’s aura. Maybe he’s always been able to and this is just one of the things he considers when filling out lineups and making substitutions during a game. Who knows? With Yost, pretty much anything is possible.

I’ve compiled a list of aura colors with brief descriptions of their characteristics to help determine the color of the HOLT! aura. Of course, I’m only using what I’ve seen on the field and in his tweets, so it’s a bit unscientific. First, we’ll list out what we know about HOLT!. I’ll strikethrough the color characteristics that don’t fit my superficial impressions of him. I’ll do the same if I’m not sure.

Athletic – has played all positions but catcher and pitcher, fast runner, good team player, likes dogs, generous with his time with sick kids, blonde, from Texas, enthusiastic, disciplined, wears high socks, no idea what he eats (but seems to take care of himself), is friendly to umpires and players on other teams, his teammates seem to like him and he seems to like them, doesn’t get too pissed at bad calls at the plate, it looks like his family likes him from the shots of them at games.

Red – enthusiastic, energetic, always looking for a new adventure, strong in body and mind, usually excel at sports, easily bored, quick to anger, not good team players.

Yellow – intelligent, logical and analytical, can easily become a workaholic, excellent communicator, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, not afraid to experiment with new ideas, can be eccentric

Pink – loving and giving, like to be around family and friends, generous with their time, sensitive to the needs of others, take care of their bodies with diet and exercise, strong willed and highly disciplined, make good employees and employers

Green – highly creative, hard working, down to earth, like to garden, cook and decorate the home, like for their clothing, home and surroundings to be practical and beautiful, do not suffer fools gladly, health conscious, in tune with nature and like to be outdoors

Orange – Orange is an ugly color. No way is he an Orange.

Purple – Same with purple. If I liked purple I’d be a Ravens fan.

Blue – master communicators, able to convey their thoughts and ideas eloquently, make excellent artists, poets and writers, highly intelligent and intuitive, peacemakers, prize truthfulness and clarity in their relationships

Gold – artistic, lovers of beauty and the finer things in life, like to entertain, like being the center of attention, charming and charismatic, givers of their time, hate to be criticized, reluctant to ask for help

Silver – very versatile and adaptive, usually make the most of any situation, use their spirituality in practical ways, make good mentors, counselors and teachers, makes the right decisions quickly and acts on those decisions quickly, tend to be well blessed in talent

Brown – confusion, lack confidence, selfish, finds faults in others

Black – negativity, cheapness, depression 

So, looking at all of these colors and their characteristics and using our superficial knowledge of Holt, I’m gonna say he’s a combination of red and pink. He would be all red, but he appears to be a very good team player and I haven’t seen him get upset on the field yet.

So it looks like the red/pink combo is a good aura for a utility player. In the next installment, we’ll look into pitchers and other positions.

What color is your aura?

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