2016 MLB Catcher Framing Rankings

2016 MLB Catcher Framing Rankings
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Only includes catchers with at least 400 innings behind the plate.
 Extra strikes per gameExtra for RHBExtra for LHBTotal extraTotal at-batsAt-bats RHBAt-bats LHB
Yasmani Grandal2.06159.352.7212.0319020491141
Buster Posey1.79127.767.5195.2334220501292
Tyler Flowers1.5765.048.3113.3231612061110
Christian Vazquez1.5459.89.469.21409873536
Jason Castro1.46111.023.5134.5293916361303
Tony Wolters1.4235.739.375.116451002643
Miguel Montero1.3646.028.974.91591916675
David Ross1.2454.6-1.453.11277866411
Martin Maldonado1.1437.331.468.719071042865
Travis d'Arnaud1.1239.534.373.820771162915
Roberto Perez0.9934.55.940.51238661577
Francisco Cervelli0.7761.23.965.126181625993
Russell Martin0.7532.452.885.2345619261530
Rene Rivera0.7039.8-5.434.41435816619
Brian McCann0.6719.235.454.724591568891
Yadier Molina0.6558.322.680.9386322661597
Evan Gattis0.4835.4-13.022.41466841625
Derek Norris0.42-5.750.544.8333619871349
Mike Zunino0.3726.6-8.817.715031012491
Sandy Leon0.317.412.620.119391222717
Curt Casali0.2311.31.713.017831120663
Jett Bandy0.0820.5-16.24.31746948798
Wilson Ramos0.04-
Cameron Rupp-0.050.8-5.4-4.6322016771543
James McCann-0.06-6.30.3-6.0287115351336
Bobby Wilson-0.09-6.80.6-6.120541282772
Carlos Perez-0.13-13.34.5-8.821691239930
Jonathan Lucroy-0.167.5-25.1-17.6347720351442
Welington Castillo-0.17-2.1-14.2-16.3316416821482
A.J. Ellis-0.172.8-10.8-8.01425857568
Tucker Barnhart-0.24-35.511.4-24.0328918351454
Yan Gomes-0.38-29.06.1-22.919251055870
Matt Wieters-0.42-43.60.4-43.3321619181298
Kurt Suzuki-0.44-15.1-22.5-37.7277716651112
J.T. Realmuto-0.73-68.6-20.6-89.2390322701633
Nick Hundley-0.95-20.8-49.6-70.4232213221000
Salvador Perez-0.98-83.8-32.0-115.9372820751653
A.J. Pierzynski-1.03-47.0-11.7-58.618331002831
Alex Avila-1.08-33.2-15.4-48.714071012395
Jarrod Saltalamacchia-1.09-38.9-25.4-64.318771104773
Carlos Ruiz-1.10-24.3-35.3-59.71726942784
Stephen Vogt-1.11-83.1-24.7-107.7297617611215
Chris Iannetta-1.25-68.4-36.9-105.3263915831056
Dioner Navarro-1.83-75.7-65.1-140.824511523928
Juan Centeno-2.17-56.4-39.0-95.51365801564

I calculated extra strikes per game by dividing the area around the strike zone into 64 3-inch-square regions, considering left-handed and right-handed batters separately. In each region, I calculated the average catcher’s chance of getting a strike call. (The “average catcher” includes all catchers except for the one we’re specifically looking at.) I then asked how many pitches in that region our catcher of interest saw, and how many of them were strikes. The average catcher’s strike probability in that region tells us how many we would expect to be strikes. Subtracting the expected number of strikes from the actual number of strikes gives us the extra strikes our catcher saw in that region. I summed all the regions up, and divided by the number of games, to get the “Extra strikes per game” figure. To make my life easier, I only looked at games in which our catcher of interest caught at least eight innings (the vast majority of them); otherwise, I’d struggle with identifying which innings our catcher was actually responsible for.

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