How Did The Hitting Fare During The Dog Days?

4/12/- Fenway the dog. Seacia Pavao Photography

The Red Sox followed up a mundane July (13-14) with an 18-9 mark in August – a  better monthly W-L than they have had all season. Their previous monthly best was 16-12 in both May and June.

August was their second best month on offense, but they came very close to their performance in their best month, May. In that second month of the season, they averaged 5.7 runs per game with 12.8 hits, 2.1 doubles, 1.1 homers, and 4 walks per game. The Sox had a slash line of .269/.351/.440.  In August, they averaged  5.3 runs per game with nine hits, two doubles, 1.37 homers, and 3.9 walks per game, and a slash line of .260/.342/.441. Their stolen base per game average was also the highest of the season with just under one per game (.93).

While much has been made of the offensive contributions of Eduardo Nunez (.293/.322/.491 with eight doubles and five homers in 121 PAs) and Rafael Devers (.258/.327/.485 with four doubles and six homers in 107 PAs), they didn’t do it alone. The major contributions from the “veterans” on the team came from rookie of the year candidate Andrew Benintendi, Christian Vazquez, and Mitch Moreland.

Benintendi hit .333/.420/.559 with five doubles, six homers and nine steals in 119 plate appearances. He posted a wRC of 23 and a wRAA of 8.9. He was followed by “Mitchy Two Bags” Moreland, who hit .342/.390/.671 with seven doubles and six home runs in 82 PAs, good for a wRC of 18 and a wRAA of 8. Christian Vazquez was also on fire in his 58 PAs. He hit .385/.448/.596 with two doubles and three homers for a wRC of 13 and a wRAA of 6. The not-exactly-fleet-of-foot catcher even had two stolen bases!

It is extremely unlikely that these players will be able to keep up this level of productionthroughout the rest of the season. The other hitters on the team. Mookie Betts, Hanley Ramirez, Jackie Bradley Jr., and Xander Bogaerts, have to raise their game on offense for the team to score the runs necessary to go deep into the playoffs,

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