Brock Holt Loses His Number

The Boston Red Sox are set to honor one of the best hitters the team has ever had. However, there is another great Red Sox that is paying dearly for that honor. Rick Rowand explains why Brock Holt losing his number is an outrage.

BrockHolt! has to give up his number because the Sox are retiring #26 in honor of that traitorous bastard Wade Boggs? I, for one, am outraged! This will not stand!

You, a true Red Sox fan, should be just as pissed about Holt giving up his number as I am. And if you aren’t pissed now, you will be by the time you are done reading this!

BrockHolt! has been the backbone of this team for the past three seasons! Well, more like the last two since he only played in 26 games in 2013. Okay, okay, we’ll call him the coccyx of the team that year, but since then he’s been the BACKBONE!

Sure Boggs spent eleven seasons with the Red Sox and played in 1,625 games, but mostly at third base. Holt has played every position but catcher and pitcher in his 261 games! Can Boggs say that? Hell no! He only played some first, third, LF and DHed a little. Pffft.

Did Boggs have a cool Twitter handle (@BrockStar4Lyf) when he played? Nope. He has one now (@ChickenMan3010), but who doesn’t? And couldn’t he think of one that 3,009 other people hadn’t thought of first?

Was Wade Boggs ever the cornerstone player of a trade like BrockHolt! was? Nope. No other team wanted him badly enough. Holt was the main player in a 2012 trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates that also brought Joel Hanrahan, who is no longer with the team, to the Red Sox for Stolmy Pimentel, Mark Melancon, Ivan De Jesus, and Jerry Sands.

On June 16, 2015, BrockHolt! hit for the cycle, becoming one of only a handful of Red Sox players to do so. Wade Boggs isn’t on that list. But Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and Bobby Doerr are, and I don’t see anyone wearing their numbers. Do you?

In 2015, BrockHolt! was chosen by AL Manager Ned Yost to be the Red Sox representative on the All-Star team because of his aura and because he had already played seven different positions on defense. Can Wade Boggs make that same claim? Again, no. Wade Boggs made the All-Star team as a third baseman. Sure, he made it eight times as a Red Sox, but that was only for his hitting. Almost every position player to make an All-Star team can say the same thing. Only one has been chosen because of his aura and his name isn’t Wade Boggs.

Has Holt ever led the league in GIDP? Nope. Boggs did in 1988. Has Holt ever led the league in errors by a 3B? Nope. Boggs did twice – in 1983 and in 1984.

BrockHolt! has a World Series ring from the Red Sox for his contributions in 2013! Does Boggs have one from the Red Sox? No. In fact, he was on the losing World Series team in 1986! BrockHolt! has never been on a losing World Series team. The only World Series ring Boggs has is from the Spawn of Satan. That’s right, the team he chose to join after the 1992 season. And not only did he choose to play for them once, he chose to play for them again! I’m sure we all remember this photo from 1996:

Would BrockHolt! ever ride around on a horse in New York? I think we all know the answer to that question.

The Red Sox are going to take away BrockHolt!’s rightfully earned number on May 26th this upcoming season and permanently give it to Boggs in a ceremony obviously designed to increase attendance for one game. I say we boycott that game to honor Brock and show the owners who this team really belongs to!

I won’t be at Fenway that night because I know who #26 belongs to. Who’s with me?

Rick Rowand has written about the young stars of the Boston Red Sox, put David Ortiz’s career in perspective, an explanation of Jonny Gomes’s success, and a break down of a huge signing.

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  1. The day Boggs signed with the Yankees. he relinquished all rights to #26. The final straw was that horse ride in ’96.

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