Money Apparently Can’t Buy David Price Happiness


Aside from the day the Boston Red Sox signed David Price to a staggering seven-year, $217 million contract, the 2012 Cy Young Award Winner has not tried very hard to endear himself to the Boston fans or the media.  April 25th was no exception:

Strangely, Price sent this tweet only one minute after tweeting this:

I’ve never met Price, so I do not know what type of person he is. But I do wonder how he can go from updating the public on how he feels to being completely reticent about the same topic in such quick succession? Did he get a flood of tweets in the meantime asking how he feels today as compared to yesterday? Does he find his popularity to be annoying?

David Price’s salary affords him the ability to buy a fleet of cars that he has always been willing to flaunt on social media, but it is obviously not large enough to buy thicker skin. The beauty of being a free agent was that he could have chosen to play in a smaller market, probably for less money. Instead, he chose to sign a contract that paid him in excess of $30 million a year to play in a notoriously media-frenzied and fan-obsessed market.

When Price tweets the above, he might think he is coming off as witty, but he’s actually coming off as whiny. It is not absurd for fans to expect that their team’s alleged “Ace” pitcher, who is due to make $2.5 million in the month of April, to provide updates on his injury status. He hasn’t added any value to the Red Sox in 2017 – and given that the fans pay his salary through buying tickets and merchandise, an update on his condition isn’t too much to ask.

Quite frankly, the reason Sox fans are looking for an answer is because we want to see the Red Sox field the best rotation in the AL East, and they cannot do that without David Price. David Price is, at his best, easily one of the most valuable pitchers in all of baseball. I want to root for him, but he doesn’t make it easy.

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