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10/1/13 - New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman speaking during a press conference at Yankee Stadium.

The New York Yankees are still without a manager. Rick Rowand has looked at the possible candidates and come up with the perfect manager for the Bronx Bombers. 

On Monday, the Boston Red Sox held a press conference to introduce Alex Cora as the new manager of the team. Cora was named to the position on October 22nd, but the team had to wait until after the World Series to introduce him officially, as Cora was busy working as the bench coach of the Astros.

Meanwhile, up in the Bronx, the baseball world is still waiting for the New York Yankees to hold a press conference announcing their new manager. Usually known for being as full of leaks as the Titanic, the Yankees front office has been very tight-lipped about their candidates. This has left baseball writers free to exercise their imagination when it comes to naming possible candidates. To be fair, I am in the same boat as the rest of the baseball world, and I’m just as good as the next person when it comes to creating click-bait. To differentiate myself from others, I have done some actual historical research to come up with the perfect person to run the team from amongst my own list of available candidates.

From Bucky F. Dent to Billy Martin to Lou Piniella to numerous others, the Yankees have long looked to their past to choose the guardians of their future. And by and large, they have been pretty successful using this approach. The Yankees also like to hire from one pool of position players more than others: ex-catchers. Joe Girardi, Joe Torre, Bill Dickey, Ralph Houck, the immortal Stump Merrill, and even the Gerbil, Don Zimmer, have all spent time filling out the lineup card in the Bronx. And besides Pudge, has there ever been a better nickname for a catcher than Stump?

My pick for the Yankees new manager checks both of the boxes. He’s an ex-catcher and he was in the Yankees minor league system. In addition, he has experience at the major league level as a manager and has the classic square-chin look that purists demand. So without further ado, I present to you the new manager of your New York Yankees, Brad Ausmus!

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