Perils of Prospect Punditry

Prospect rankings are some of the most fun things to come out during the offseason. However, how are these rankings put together? How do you decide between the top ten pick and the Cuban import? The SoSH editors have compiled Brandon Magee‘s Perils of Prospect Punditry series where he explains how prospect values work in practice.

Prospects are the lifeblood of every MLB franchise is its farm system. This importance in not lost on fans, who flock to top 100 lists every time they come out. However, sometimes making your own list can be just as enjoyable. Brandon shows what goes into making a list for an individual team’s prospect ranking.

When looking across the various publications and prospect rankings, fans will sometimes notice disagreements, but where do these come from?

Now that we understand how to rank a team’s top prospects and where disagreements may crop up, it is time to learn how to sort through all the teams’ top prospects. Ranking all the teams’ prospects is a tall task, yet it is done every year and Brandon will tell you how.

Now that we know how to make our very own top 100 prospect list, let’s find out how MLB teams rank prospect internally.

Ranking prospects is fun, but their value to franchises is very different in the real world. Brandon looks at two real world trades to see how the four teams involved weighed the pros and cons of moving the prospects involved.

Brandon Magee is our minor league expert; he has written about minor league travel, a first round draft pick, and the MLB First-Year Player Draft.

Follow Brandon on Twitter @cuzittt.

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