The Island of Misfit Teams: The 2015 Collection

It’s September, and that means the playoff races are heating up in Major League Baseball. However, not everyone makes it to the promised land. In his Island of Misfit Teams Tom Wright tells us what went right and what went wrong in the elimination of all but one team.

Atlanta Braves – The Braves spent 2015 shedding bad contracts and preparing for the future. The strategy unsurprisingly ended in an early exit in the playoff hunt.

Philadelphia Phillies – The Phillies signed too many veterans to long-term deals after their 2008 World Series Championship. They’re still dealing with the consequences from those bad deals.

Milwaukee Brewers – They were quick with the hook when it came to their manager. However, the young Craig Counsell was unable to right the ship.

Colorado Rockies – Dealing with the offensive environment in Denver has continued to be a problem for the Rockies, as they were once again unable to put together a competitive pitching staff.

Cincinnati Reds – The Reds were need of a rebuild in 2015, and that’s precisely what they did. Although they have been eliminated, the future looks better than it did before this season started.

Miami Marlins – Despite making some interesting roster moves and locking up their superstar Giancarlo Stanton to a long-term deal, the Marlins once again fell short of the playoffs.

San Diego Padres – The Padres made some daring moves, but almost none of them paid off. The rare high payroll team in San Diego could not compete with their NL West division rivals.

Oakland Athletics – Billy Beane’s wheeling and dealing did nothing to improve their playoff hopes in 2015.

Arizona Diamondbacks – The Diamondbacks did their best to shed their persona as a bunch of meatheads playing by the “unwritten rules”, but that did not help their playoff hopes.

Detroit Tigers – General Manager Dave Dombrowski was given one more shot to get the Tigers to the World Series but his wheeling and dealing this past offseason was unable to get the job done.

Washington Nationals – Despite coming into the season as a popular World Series pick, the Nationals fell on their face and failed to reach the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Rays – The departure of Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman have left the Rays as a simply average team.

Boston Red Sox – The Red Sox season did not go as planned and that led to the firing of Ben Cherington, two years after Boston won the World Series.

Chicago White Sox – Despite having a handful of very talented players, the White Sox were unable to reach the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year.

Baltimore Orioles – Dan Duquette failed to make the moves to keep pace with the Yankees and Blue Jays.

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