This Week In Baseball Writing November 13, 2015

Sons of Sam Horn works tirelessly to deliver quality baseball articles to our readers. But writers around the internet produce high-level baseball writing every day, some of which you may have missed.

This Week in Baseball Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces and shares them with you to ensure our loyal readers have access to the great work being produced about the sport we love.

Optimizing the Swing

Alan Nathan uses calculations and some experiments to figure out the optimal swing path based on pitch type.

Home, at the Other House That Ruth Built

Take a trip down memory lane with Peter Kerasotis and Julia Ruth Stevens, as the daughter of the Great Bambino discusses her father.

Meet the man who played for 50 minor league teams and never reached the majors

Tim Hagerty looks at the career of Bill Sisler, perhaps the most persistent player in baseball history.

Players Prefer Presentation

Meg Rowley looks at the lack of diversity in MLB front offices and examines what may be causing it.

The Royals Are A Sabermetrics Team

The World Series Champions are often scoffed at by the SABR community, but Alex Skillin shows us why they should be embraced.

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