This Week In Baseball Writing: January 14, 2016


Sons of Sam Horn works tirelessly to deliver quality baseball articles to our readers. But writers around the internet produce high-level baseball writing every day, some of which you may have missed.

This Week in Baseball Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces and shares them with you to ensure our loyal readers have access to the great work being produced about the sport we love.

Prospects Serve As Key Assets In Winter Moves

J.J. Cooper ranks the top 25 prospects that have been traded this offseason, and it is an impressive list.

Analysis: Drew Storen for Ben Revere Trade

Chris Bach offers his thoughts on the trade that sent Drew Storen to Toronto in exchange for outfielder Ben Revere.

How Joe Maddon Has Added Hidden Value To The Cubs

Cat Garcia explains why Joe Maddon is so valuable to the Northsiders, including his confidence and humility.

The 38-year old rookie – Bryan Hoover

Kayla Thompson explains why a 38-year old went back to a passion from his youth after 20 years away from the sport.

Evaluating the Prospects

For the prospect lovers, check out Dan Farnsworth’s series where he ranks and gives scouting reports on the top prospects in each organization.

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