This Week in Baseball Writing: August 25, 2017


Sons of Sam Horn works tirelessly to deliver quality baseball content to our readers. But other writers around the internet produce high-level baseball writing every day, some of which you may have missed.

August 25, 2017’s This Week in Baseball Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces and shares them with you to ensure our loyal readers have access to the great work being produced about the sport we love.

Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post says Chris Sale of the Red Sox is the AL MVP, And It’s Not Close.

Sam Miller at ESPN looks at why games are lasting five more minutes than last year – and why baseball is concerned about it.

Miller also wrote this entertaining story about the Portsmouth High School trick play – a phantom pickoff throw.

Neil Paine at details why Joey Votto’s greatness is being wasted by the Reds, who are on track to miss the postseason again this year.

Eno Sarris from Fangraphs investigates balls in play and what players think can increase “doing things” on the field more often.

We pause for this interlude of Adrian Beltre literally running circles around the opposition:

Alan Nathan writes about, and links to other articles, fly ball carry and how that could be the cause of the home run surge at