This Week In Baseball Writing: August 29, 2016

Sons of Sam Horn works tirelessly to deliver quality baseball content to our readers. But other writers around the internet produce high-level baseball writing every day, some of which you may have missed.

August 29, 2016’s This Week in Baseball Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces and shares them with you to ensure our loyal readers have access to the great work being produced about the sport we love.

How Clay Buchholz revived his season, with the help of Brian Bannister

Tim Britton explains how Clay Buchholz has somewhat resuscitated his career in Boston with the aid of assistant pitching coach Brian Bannister.

How To Get By In The Minors On $1,500 A Month

Hannah Keyser details the financial realities of a minor leaguer through the lens of Matt Pare – a San Francisco Single-A catcher.

Why I Enjoyed Watching Baseball in the Stands Instead of My Usual Perch in the Press Box

John Lott details his experiences as an away fan at Progressive Field as the team he covers, the Toronto Blue Jays, took on the Indians.

Something Not Worth Forfeiting

Henry Druschel makes the argument that despite the obvious strategic benefits, teams never tactically surrender, and that should give you faith in the game.

MLB’s Hit-Tracking Tool Misses A Lot Of Hits

While Statcast has been a boon to baseball fans, Rob Arthur points out the holes that exist within the system – including certain launch angles and exit velocities.

Meet the new and improved Kendall Graveman

Jen Rainwater details the changes that Oakland Athletics starter Kendall Graveman has made during the 2016 season that has seen him become the team’s most reliable starter.

Why Did the Dodgers Trade A.J. Elxlis?

Dave Cameron explains the roster-crunch reasons beheind the A.J. Ellis/Carlos Ruiz swap.

Cringe-Worthy Pitch Counts

Inspired by the irresponsible usage of a young Zack Wheeler, Sam Miller looked at some other high pitch-count games thrown by pitchers you may recognize.

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