This Week In Baseball Writing: October 3, 2016

Sons of Sam Horn works tirelessly to deliver quality baseball content to our readers. But other writers around the internet produce high-level baseball writing every day, some of which you may have missed.

October 3, 2016’s This Week in Baseball Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces and shares them with you to ensure our loyal readers have access to the great work being produced about the sport we love.

Thanks for the Memories, New York

David Ortiz says good bye to the Bronx and the New York Yankees in this piece for the Players Tribune.

Theo Epstein, Martin Prado, and Front Office Value

After Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein received a larger contract extension than Miami Marlins third baseman Martin Prado, Dave Cameron tries to get a grasp on the value of front office personnel in the rapidly changing baseball environment.

Pittsburgh Pirates Hidden Heroes: Sports Dietitian Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN

Joy Frank-Collins speaks with the sports dietitian of the Pittsburgh Pirates about the her beginning with the team and what her job entails.

What We Know About Spin Rate

Jeff Long seeks to clarify what we know for sure, what we think we know, and what we don’t know or might want explore next about spin rate.

The Joy of Adrian Beltre

Kate Morrison explains the why it’s so special to root for Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre.

The Captain of Captains

Nathan Maciborski introduces us to New York Yankees minor league defensive coach Antonio Pacheco Massó, who was the all-time hits leader in Cuba for more than a decade and is now shaping the next generation of Yankees.

One Day More, One More Day

Kate Prueser explains why a game that should have been boring was oh so precious and why we love the game of baseball so much.

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