Year-to-Year Umpire Strike Zone Changes

Umpire Strike Zone Changes
Below are the results of taking the umpires who called at least 30 games in 2016 and calculat the size of their strike zone, compared to the league average. I divided the area around the strike zones for left- and right-handed batters into three-inch squares, asked how many pitches each umpire saw in each zone and how many he called strikes, and then compared to the percentage of strikes in that box across all baseball. The end result is expressed as “extra strikes per game”, compared to what an absolutely average umpire would have called.
Jerry Meals-1.31.5-0.51.1-0.2-0.11.4-2.0-3.7
Joe West-
Alfonso Marquez0.8-
Manny Gonzalez0.70.3-1.3-0.6-2.5
Larry Vanover-
Paul Nauert0.1-
Lance Barksdale-0.2-0.40.9-0.0-0.10.7-2.2-1.5-1.7
Fieldin Culbreth-
Adrian Johnson-1.3-3.0-1.1-1.0-1.7-
Gerry Davis-3.2-2.5-4.8-1.7-0.6-0.6-3.2-1.1-1.5
CB Bucknor-0.2-0.1-0.2-
Laz Diaz3.10.80.3-0.9-
Sam Holbrook-0.1-1.2-0.4-3.0-1.6-1.7-1.2
Quinn Wolcott-0.00.1-1.2
John Tumpane-0.90.8-1.1
Angel Hernandez-
Greg Gibson-1.4-1.8-0.4-0.7-0.1-3.0-2.0-1.6-0.9
Carlos Torres-0.9
Tony Randazzo0.41.1-0.30.1-0.9-1.6-0.9
Mark Carlson0.3-1.41.4-0.20.5-2.2-1.8-0.8
David Rackley-2.5-1.7-0.8
Alan Porter-1.0-1.1-0.3-0.70.6-0.7
D.J. Reyburn-0.2-
Clint Fagan2.10.2-0.5
Cory Blaser-0.0-
Jeff Kellogg-
Tom Hallion0.7-1.10.5-1.8-0.90.9-0.8-0.4
Jim Joyce0.8-1.70.3-1.20.4-0.4
Jordan Baker-0.21.1-0.1-0.4
Brian Knight-1.3-0.8-1.11.0-1.5-
Ryan Blakney-0.3
Chris Conroy-1.4-1.1-1.1-2.5-0.2
Pat Hoberg0.2-0.2
Chad Fairchild-1.3-0.3-2.7-3.0-
Mike Muchlinski0.8-0.2-3.0-0.6-0.4-0.1
Paul Emmel1.20.53.0-2.5-2.20.8-2.0-0.0
Todd Tichenor-0.6-1.7-
Dan Bellino0.
Mike Winters1.
Bill Welke0.30.6-2.1-0.3-0.40.1-1.5-0.40.1
Andy Fletcher1.81.1-0.21.1-2.5-2.5-
Adam Hamari-
Gabe Morales-1.4-1.10.3
Jim Reynolds1.
Will Little-0.60.4
Kerwin Danley-0.0-0.20.4-1.0-
Mark Wegner-0.00.8-2.4-0.60.7-
Nic Lentz0.6
Ron Kulpa0.
Tim Timmons-0.9-
Marvin Hudson-
Chris Guccione-1.21.0-0.7-
Vic Carapazza3.
Ted Barrett1.
Marty Foster0.81.8-
Gary Cederstrom0.60.2-0.6-0.1-0.30.6-0.61.2
Jeff Nelson1.60.2-
Mark Ripperger0.51.21.3
Eric Cooper-0.3-
Dan Iassogna1.
Bob Davidson1.
Tripp Gibson-1.42.1
Lance Barrett2.
Mike Everitt0.5-2.70.3-
Hunter Wendelstedt0.50.81.2-
Jim Wolf1.7-1.60.7-
Mike Estabrook-1.7-
Bill Miller2.
Angel Campos0.5-0.9-4.1-2.5
Ben May0.1
Bill Hohn-1.2-2.1
Brian Gorman0.
Brian O'Nora1.
Brian Runge1.01.1-0.1
Bruce Dreckman2.0-0.0-2.5-1.40.4
Charlie Reliford0.2
Chris Segal-2.51.5
Chuck Meriwether0.81.6
Dale Scott-0.30.4-
Dana DeMuth-
Derryl Cousins-2.1-2.4-1.4-1.5-0.9
Doug Eddings3.
Ed Hickox-0.7-2.4-2.4-1.31.1-1.0
Ed Montague0.1
Ed Rapuano-
Gary Darling0.
Hal Gibson III-1.4
James Hoye-3.3-0.60.6-1.3-1.4-0.5-1.9-0.8
Jerry Crawford-1.5
Jerry Layne0.7-1.5-1.2-0.3-2.7-0.5
John Hirschbeck1.
Mike DiMuro1.12.03.3-1.9-0.2
Mike Reilly0.4-0.2-2.3
Paul Schrieber-4.1-1.3-2.3-3.6-3.90.3
Phil Cuzzi1.40.6-
Randy Marsh-4.5
Rob Drake1.
Scott Barry0.1-0.8-2.6-0.7-0.5-1.3-0.7
Tim McClelland-2.1-2.6-2.9-3.4-3.4-4.2
Tim Tschida0.4-1.40.1-2.4
Tim Welke-
Wally Bell1.

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