SoSH Glossary: MLB Equipment

September 13, 2016 Pete Hodges 0

Although players each have their own gear, MLB equipment is regulated. These are the rules players must abide by when it comes to the tools of their trade.

SoSH Glossary: Linear Weights

September 6, 2016 Pete Hodges 0

Linear weights is a term for systems of run estimators that assign run values to offensive events, based on the connections between events and the scoring of runs.

SoSH Glossary: Leverage Index

August 31, 2016 Pete Hodges 0

Pete Hodges explains how leverage Index quantifies the potential influence one play has on the outcome of a game, given the score, inning, and base/out situation.

SoSH Glossary: RE24

August 29, 2016 Pete Hodges 0

RE24, or run expectancy based on the 24 base-out states, quantifies the effect a player has on the runs their offense is expected to score from the start of a play to the end of it.