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SoSHCast Episode 2

In episode 2 of the SoSHCast, the guys discuss Red Sox spring training, Boston's roster vulnerabilities, and do terrible things to statistics.

The Great American Past Tense

Baseball is a strange game. You can’t tear your eyes from the screen. You can’t get your head out of the internet. Derek Maine explores...

Boston Red Sox Prospects In The Arizona Fall League

The off-season is underway and there is little for baseball fans to do but to wait for deals to be made. However, there has...

Has the Evolution of Bullpens Made Grinding Out At-Bats Less Effective?

Some of the best offensive teams this century have been good at grinding out at-bats to raise pitch counts. The goal was to get...

The Red Sox Starters: Who’s the Ace?

The 2015 season brings a new starting rotation for the Red Sox with one returning pitcher in Clay Buchholz, some new faces in Rick...