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Starting Third Baseman Travis Shaw?

Boston Red Sox manager John FarrellĀ dropped his second bombshell on Red Sox fans this week when he announced his starting third baseman on Opening...

Rulebook 101: When Beer Cans Rain from the Crowd

BaseballĀ is a unique sport filled with situations that you may only see once every few years, if at all. Umpires must be prepared to...

Revisiting the 2011 Boston Red Sox Draft: Part Two

The MLB First Year Player Draft lacks the excitement found in the drafts of the other American major sports, but that doesn't mean baseball...

Rulebook 101: Climbing the Walls

Brandon Magee explains why climbing the walls can be acceptable behavior from time to time, using a play by Anthony Rizzo as an example.

First Annual Salem Red Sox Offensive Review

The Boston Red Sox farm system is filled with talent, but that does not guarantee success for the minor league affiliates. In Brandon Magee's...